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Cardio Support Drops™

  • take with Heartdrops® for ultimate heart support

Supplement Facts – Serving Size 1ml – 3ml (.10 fl. oz) Servings per container: 225 Amount per serving: Proprietary Blend 3.0g Extracts of:  Hawthorn (fruit), skullcap (herb top), Indian sarsaparilla (root), peppermint (leaf), European mistletoe (leaf), hawthorn (leaf & flower), cayenne (fruit).

Other ingredients: Water, glycerine, spearmint flavoring

Cardio Support Drops™ helps maintain
cardiovascular health in adults.

Cardiovascular health requires good heart rhythm. The master pacemaker in our heart sends electrical signals that stimulate the cardiac muscle and the heart to expand and contract to pump oxygenated blood throughout your body.

So how can Cardio Support Drops™ help?

Cardio Support Drops™ contains the most Hawthorn extract of any licensed formula available in Canada. This extremely safe but
powerful herb has been used successfully to help maintain heart health. Cardio Support Drops™ also contains cardio-active and tonic herbs like Skullcap that helps to support a strong heart, European Mistletoe that is traditionally used for maintaining healthy heart rhythm and Indian Sarsaparilla which has a cardio supportive influence and helps relieve stress.*

Those who take care of themselves usually have a longer independent life and are able to hold on to their life savings. When you think of your future, think of your cardiovascular system (heart and brain), because they go together. Just like Cardio Support Drops™ and a healthy lifestyle.

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