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Kidney Support Drops™

  • your kidneys help maintain healthy blood pressure levels
  • supports healthy kidneys
  • supports healthy urinary tract function

Supplement Facts – Serving size: 1.0 ml (0.03 fl.oz.) Servings per container: 225 Amount per serving : Proprietary Blend 1.0 g Extracts of: juniper (fruit), golden rod (herb top), uva ursi (leaf), marshmallow (root), ginger (root), parsley (leaf), gravel (root), horsetail (herb top), nettle (leaf), goldenseal (root), lobelia (leaf), cayenne (fruit)

Other ingredients: Water, ethanol, glycerine, spearmint flavoring, Juniper berry oil

Good health depends on maintaining healthy blood pressure levels.

Your kidneys are key organs that help blood maintain healthy pressure levels. When functioning properly, kidneys constantly filter waste and extra fluids from the blood.

So how can Kidney Support Drops™ help?

Kidney Support Drops™ contain a number of natural ingredients that can help. For example,

*Gravel Root is used Traditionally in Herbal Medicine to help maintain kidney health and function.

*Juniper berry and its essential oil are diuretic and may support the immune system. They are used Traditionally in Herbal Medicine to help maintain healthy urinary flow.

*Goldenrod is also used Traditionally in Herbal Medicine to help promote urination, drain water, relieve occasional edema, and to also nourish and strengthen the kidneys.

*Uva ursi leaf is specifically indicated for bladder and kidney health helping to soothe, strengthen and tonify.

“I didn’t know!”

 The average kidneys filters around 45-50 gallons of blood a day to get rid of wastes, acids, toxins and extra fluid (water weight) in your body. Kidney Support Drops™ helps support healthy kidneys, so they can help support you.* Kidneys that are healthy and function properly can do their part to help maintain already healthy blood pressure.*

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