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ColdStorm® Drops – Respiratory Support Supplements


ColdStorm® Drops are used as a respiratory support supplement. These easy to take liquid drops are safe for the whole family and have a delicious Arctic Cherry Flavor!

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ColdStorm® Drops helps support a healthy respiratory system.

• easy to take liquid drops for the whole family

• safe for pregnant and nursing mothers and kids

• full spectrum garlic extract

Manufactured in a USFDA inspected facility 

Recommended Dose: Shake well. Adults, nursing mothers, and adolescents take 2-3 ml up to 3 times daily. Children 2-9 Years old; take 1 ml up to 3 times daily. Can dilute in juice, yogurt or honey.

Store away from children, in original container out of direct sunlight. Do not refrigerate. Consult a health care practicioner prior to use if you are pregnant, have diabetes, or if you are taking blood thinners or protease inhibitors. 

Supplement Facts (per ml):  Allium sativum (garlic bulb fresh) 660 mg

Other ingredients: Glycerine, ethanol, cherry juice, natural mint flavor


Helps support a healthy respiratory system.

Strauss Coldstorm® Drops

Coldstorm® Drops harness the power of naturally sourced fresh garlic to support a healthy respiratory system. These easy to take liquid drops are great for the whole family and come in a refreshing cherry and mint flavor.

Garlic has been used traditionally in Herbal Medicine to relieve symptoms associated with upper respiratory tract infections and catarrhal conditions such as nasal congestion and the buildup of excess mucous.*

We use only naturally sourced garlic.

Strauss Coldstorm® Drops

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Did you know?

Respiratory symptoms may be a sign of a possible respiratory disease. Issues with breathing or coughing could be caused by a number of respiratory conditions. The common signs of a respiratory infection include: Chest or nasal congestion, Wet or dry cough, Runny nose, Fatigue, Body aches, Low-grade fever and Sore throat.*

Be Proactive!

Many respiratory concerns are treatable, but it’s important to catch them as early as possible and may be caused by organisms such as viruses or bacteria that affect the respiratory system (e.g., lungs and throat).*

Take Coldstorm® Drops to support your respiratory system.

It has been our mission at Strauss Naturals™ for over 40 years to improve wellness through natural health by providing high quality, effective and trusted products. Strauss Naturals values health and wellness promotion to optimize well-being.

 *These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

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