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Prostate Support Drops™


Prostate Support Drops™ are a synergistic blend of traditional Herbal ingredients that support optimal prostate health. These daily drops have a refreshing spearmint flavor and help support healthy urinary flow and the urinary tract.

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Used to help support healthy prostate and urinary tract function in adults.

• provides all natural, herbal support

• safe and effective formula 

• consider taking with Heartdrops® and Kidney Support Drops™ for added support

Manufactured in a USFDA inspected facility

Recommended Dose: Adults shake well; take 1.0ml 3 times daily. Always read and follow the label. 

Saw Palmetto Fruit contains high levels of beneficial fatty acids, which over time can solidify in the bottom of the bottle. Normally, shaking before use will effectively mix the Prostate Drops™; however, if the solids will not mix with shaking, we recommend immersing the bottom of the bottle in hot tap water for approximately 10 minutes and then shake to help remix the fatty acids.

Store away from children, in original container out of direct sunlight. Do not refrigerate. Do not take within 1 hour of other medicinal preparations. Consult with a medical practitioner before use if you are on any prescription drugs.

Supplement Facts – Serving size: 1 ml (0.03 fl.oz.) Servings per container: 225

Amount per serving: Proprietary blend 1.0 g extracts of: Uva ursi leaf, Birch leaf, Goldenseal root, Juniper fruit, White willow bark, Saw palmetto fruit, Linden leaf & flower, Nettle leaf, Bilberry leaf, Corn silk stigma & style

Other ingredients: Water, Ethanol, Glycerine, Spearmint flavoring

Prostate Support Drops™ helps support healthy urinary flow and the urinary tract.*

Prostate Support Drops™

So how can Prostate Support Drops™ help?

Prostate Support Drops™ contain a number of traditionally used natural ingredients. For example,

*Saw Palmetto Fruit is used traditionally to help with overall genitourinary health in men.

*Bilberry Leaf is used traditionally as a diuretic and has strong antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties.

*Nettle Leaf is used traditionally for its anti-inflammatory effects on the lower urinary tract and prostate.

*Birch Leaf contains ursolic acid and is used traditionally to reduce water retention and increase urine flow.

Did you know?

Benign prostatic hyperplasia—also called BPH—is a condition in men in which the prostate gland is enlarged and non-cancerous. By 70 years of age, almost all men will have some prostate enlargement. At normal size, the prostate gland is about the size and shape of a walnut or golf ball. It surrounds the part of the urethra just below the bladder and above the muscles of the pelvic floor.*

*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

Strauss Naturals and its line of herbal dietary supplements are derived from 8 generations of traditional herbal knowledge; Our flagship product has been available for over 40 years. Join the thousands of satisfied customers.

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